Get Offers Upto Rs 45,000 on New Ritz Diesel Only For This Year

It seems that the dream run for diesel based hatchbacks might just be over. The last we saw a significant discount scheme on a Maruti diesel hatchback was at least a couple of years back.

Now, Maruti Suzuki dealers are offering a huge discount on Ritz diesel. And this is applicable on the new facelifted version. You can get savings of approximately Rs 45,000 when you buy a Ritz diesel now.


How does it break-up?

  • Consumer Offer: Rs 15,000
  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 20,000
  • Free Accessories: Rs 7000
  • Corporate Discount: Rs 3000

Consumer offer is applicable to all. You will get this exchange bonus if you exchange your old car with Maruti dealers. Corporate Discount is applicable if you work in a corporate company which is listed with Maruti Suzuki dealers. In lieu of corporate discount there should be government employee, teacher and other discounts.

These add upto a total of Rs 45,000 and if you are good at haggling, you can probably save in more in your kitty. We confirmed these offers for Pune and if you are paying in cash, you can take the delivery immediately provided the dealer has the car in your chosen trim and color.

From new year ie January 1st Maruti has signaled that they would be hiking its car prices quantum of which might be around 5,000 to 20,000 or probably more for hatchbacks. So, if you are in the market for your car, this seems to be the best time. Buy the Ritz diesel!

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