Back with a bang! No, not me but the automobile companies, We have always trusted the automobile companies of this country on the thought, if given the administration of this country, they can give us many reasons to smile under almost any circumstance. And now they’ve confirmed or say reinforced my trust in them. While Union Minister of Finance Mr. Pranab Mukherji was announcing budget, auto companies were also busy increasing the prices to compensate for the losses. But this is not what I had always trusted. So let’s see and find out what is that.


Well, the actual news is, Maruti Suzuki India Pvt. Ltd. has already announced to increase the prices just like any other company but, for time being, till April, they are giving away the cars on the pre-budget rates! This will also benefit some lucky customers to get a profit of upto 90,000 INR. We haven’t heard of any other company doing the same till now but We hope the rest of them will also come up with similar kind of things soon.

Maruti has done this purposely. As we know the Excise Duty on everything has increased, it has also on the raw materials and thus increasing the input costs directly. So instead of putting huge load on the consumer right away and to keep the the sales figures in the vicinity of existing numbers, they are right now selling vehicles with the old prices and the offer has already started from 18th this month, We mean today. Hurry up! Buy right away your favorite car before it’s too late. Also, the Air Condition Coach fare for railways has increased as well, well that has not much to do with the Auto sector but still, you can always rely on your car, if diesel then it’s awesome to travel by it, the train fare might cost you quite much than the car. In our next post, We’ll talk how Trains and Cars equal in expense when it comes to travel a bit of long distances.




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