Do you feel insecure leaving behind your valuable things in our cars while travelling. Well the glove box unit might have a lock and a key but it still can be easily broken into.

With the crime rate increasing so alarmingly a car safe has become a very important addition to a car to protect valuables. Godrej Security Solutions, which is pretty well known in the country for its security products, has come out with one such product, the Motormate. You can store valuables such as cash, wallets, mobiles phones, cameras, GPS devices, detachable car stereo, debit/credit cards in Motormate when you park your cars at a mall, offices or on the streets.

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It is easy to secure and can be hidden anywhere in the car making it a reliable way of safeguarding important things in the absence of the owner. Here are some of the important features which the Motormate claims to possess:

  • It is made of multi strand, braided steel which makes it strong and brushed aluminium which makes it scratch resistant.
  • The safe is compact and yet has a decent space to keep a lot of things; also its dimensions have been decided keeping in mind that it can be easily concealed.
  • The box can be opened in a simple side slide manner allowing you to access the safe properly unlike the hinged cover ones.
  • It also has a charging slot to charge mobiles, cameras and other electronic gadgets.
  • The soft inside lining protects the valuables from scratches abrasions or any other physical damage.

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Motormate is available in 12 cities apart from the major ones like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It can also be bought via major online shopping portals, car accessories outlets as well as Godrej operated stores. The Motormate has been priced at Rs 2,499.




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