Honda India’s only SUV/Crossover on sale in the country is the CR-V! The Japanese car maker does have a smaller compact SUV XR-V/Vezel based on the Jazz but they say it will be too expensive for India and will defeat the purpose of a smaller SUV. Honda’s officials have been vocal about a smaller Brio-based compact SUV for India but not many details have been revealed till now. In an interesting update, Autocar India reveals that the SUV will be based on the Mobilio (which is based on Brio) and this India specific compact SUV may turn out to be a 7 seater!

According to Autocar, Honda India took their dealers for a visit of their Research and Development centre in Japan and showed them the new SUV for the first time.

Honda-Vision-XS-1-Compact-SUV-Pics (1)

Unlike the common notion that was doing rounds that it will be an EcoSport rival, Honda, instead is targeting the bigger Renault Duster. They say that the yet-to-be-named SUV will get upmarket interiors and layout to make it slightly more premium than the Brio, Amaze, and Mobilio. The compact SUV is expected to get the 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol and 1.5 liter i-DTEC diesel engines.


Back during the Auto Expo last year, Honda had unveiled a new concept SUV by the name XS-1 (pictured on this page) but the management had called it just a study model and not a production specific version. Will the Honda’s upcoming compact SUV share its looks with the XS-1 or not, we are not sure at this point, but we sense there is something related!

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The new Brio/Mobilio based SUV is expected to be showcased publicly for the first time at the Auto Expo in February next year. Honda is also about to launch the premium hatchback Jazz.




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