How About A SX4 Sport 4×4?

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What if SX4 comes in a 4×4 and offers all the sturdiness and utility of a crossover? Well, Maruti Suzuki’s stall at the Auto Expo did consist of an SX4 All-Wheel-Drive Crossover. SX4 is actually sold as a Sportback and a Crossover by Suzuki in some foreign markets like US, along with its sedan form.


The SX4 Crossover is a car which looks tailor-made for our kind of roads and buyer preferences. And with the oncoming of small utility vehicles like Rio, Mini Xylo etc this segment seems to be getting a hot favorite of buyers.

The SX4 4X4 is offered in the US at a starting price of $16,999 (~8.5 lakhs), around $3300 lesser than the normal sedan version which starts at $13,699. Powered by a 2.0 liter petrol engine, this car produces 150HP of maximum power output and 140 lbs-ft of maximum torque.

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This crossover becomes your companion for all kind of roles we, Indians put our cars to. Then be it a weekend outing or a picnic, or let it be a simple carrying of your bike for mountaineering.

So would the ‘MAN’ come back with all these qualities! Do you feel it would make sense for Maruti to launch this SX4 4X4 Crossover in India?

Embedded is a short video of the car from Auto Expo 2012 and its pics.




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