It has not made it onto our shores yet but Hyundai’s latest generation Elantra is very much present in the US for some time now. And it is making some news but for a not-so-good reasons.


A Consumer Watchdog group has filed a lawsuit against Hyundai in which it has been alleged that their sedan car Elantra doesn’t return the advertised fuel efficiency of 40 mpg (miles per gallon). It is also said that Hyundai showed 40mpg highway rating on television and print ads whereas did not reveal the cars city and combined fuel efficiency figures. The 29 mpg city rating was virtually not visible in the ads.

A user said he bought his Elantra considering the advertised fuel efficiency but in the real world he is paying more for fuel.

Hyundai is about to launch the new generation Elantra in India pretty soon and we hope things start on a positive note here in India. Elantra would compete against Cruze, Corolla among others.


Source: Leftlanenews






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