The 3rd generatio Santa Fe unveiled by Hyundai is claimed to be more practical and frugal. However, we understand one thing for sure, it looks fantastic. The new fluidic theme is doing wonders for whatever models it is getting onto.

2013 hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai will launch the new Santa Fe in Brazil in February 2013. With its new ‘One name for all markets’ policy in place, Santa Fe would remain Santa Fe in all the markets it would be sold in. The new fluidic Santa Fe would also come to India but the time frame is not known currently.

Hyundai is very optimistic about this product and expects to sell as many as 1,52,000 units all over the world. It calls Santa Fe as an Audi Q5 competitor.

Check out Santa Fe’s Gallery here.


Source: Auto Segredos





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