Brazil and India have traditionally been almost similar markets. Both form the fastest growing economies of the present age and both have the same penchant for cars. Ford has very well understood the connection between these two countries and has been trying to form a connect with common models which can be sold in both the countries with minor country specific modifications.

The new Brazilian Ka hatchback, which is going to come to India as the next-gen Figo, is one of the few other upcoming models. While the car has already been launched in Brazil, it needs one big change. Apart from the engine, the steering column has to be adjusted as per Indian traffic laws.

New-Ka-Figo-RHD (2)

Brazil is a Left Hand Drive country while India is a Right Hand Drive nation. So, the complete steering assembly needs to be shifted towards the right side for India and other such markets.

For the first time spy shots have emerged (thanks to Noticias Carsale) of a Right Hand Drive Ka, which is obviously for the RHD markets like India and UK. The Ka, alias the next-gen Figo is to be produced at Ford’s upcoming factory at Gujarat in India. We will also get the Ka+ sedan, which will be named as ‘Figo’ with a suffix. This Figo concept sedan was showcased right before the Delhi Auto Show.

New-Ka-Figo-RHD (1)

Ford will localize the new Figo twins to cut on costs and bring down the price so that they keep the cars competitive. Hopefully Ford will plonk the 1.0 L EcoBoost petrol mill on the new Figos, something which they have forgotten on the new Fiesta. They have already imported a few units of the new Kas in India from Brazil for testing.


The Ford Ka has started on a bright note in Brazil and Ford would be expecting a similar response here in India when it launches sometime next year.

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