A relatively new Kenyan company called Mobius Motors has released their second prototype, named as Mobius Two. This is a Two-Door SUV and the body is made of aluminium and carbon fibre and the frame is made of tubular steel frame that can be safely welded back together if it is broken. This SUV can serve as a six or eight seater, depending on the configuration of the two rear bench seats that are perpendicular to the front seats.


Mobius claimed that the engine is familiar to the local mechanics and fuel efficient. From their statement it seems that it is sourced from Toyota and is powered by Petrol. However, any technical specification is still unavailable. This Mobius Two is expected to be priced at $6,000 (~3.3 Lakh INR), making it world’s cheapest SUV. Mobius expects to begin mass production of it by the end of the year.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash

News Source: LeftLane