Spotting of an EcoSport in USA last year hinted at Ford’s intentions of launching the mini SUV in the world’s largest car market. And a new report at Economic Times today shares that the company may ship Made in India EcoSports to USA sometime around October 2017.

It must be known that no other American car manufacturer has shipped made in India cars to its home market till now. In fact, apart from Mahindra’s tractors no other company (America or otherwise) has exported India-made cars to USA. This is a very interesting development for India and if we can succeed this will be a signal that India is ready for the next big challenge – producing world-class cars that can be driven in any market of the world, including the biggest and the most sophisticated – US of A!


However, Ford Thailand is also bidding for the same project and currently the parent company is studying the viability for both the source countries. US volumes are pegged at 90,000 annual units which is more than what EcoSport sells in India.

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Initial Request for Quotations have been rolled on and if Ford India gets the project expect further delay in your EcoSports’ deliveries here in India 😉




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