Mahindra BLAZO trucks are fast penetrating the market and the company has on offer some mind-boggling guarantees which also goes on to show the confidence it has in its trucks. It has announced a new set of Guarantees and Promises on its BS IV range. Along with that let us also brief you about some of its other USPs…

BLAZO – Driving Modes

The biggest USP of Mahindra BLAZO is its FuelSmart technology which has three driving modes and you can choose one depending upon the road conditions.

  • Turbo: This mode can be used when the truck is loaded and the road ahead is an uphill and there is a lot of torque needed to keep the momentum.
  • Heavy: This mode can be used when the truck is hauling heavy load on a straight long highway.
  • Light: This mode can be used when the truck has delivered the goods and is returning back to the warehouse empty (when the need for power and fuel is, naturally, lesser).

Mahindra BLAZO driving modes ensure that the truck gets enough fuel for varying road and load conditions and this, in turn, helps in improving mileage.

Mahindra BLAZO Mileage Guarantee


Mahindra BLAZO Mileage Guarantee

Mahindra is so confident of its BLAZO truck range that it went on to offer “Best Mileage” Guarantee wherein it promised that the truck will offer better mileage than any of  its rivals and if not, the owner can return the truck.

So far its trucks have completed 12 crore kilometers and not even a single truck has come back for a return! Encouraged by this, Mahindra has extended the Guarantee to its BS IV range as well.

BLAZO – New Promises

Not only this, Mahindra has now committed to undertake the following promises on its new BLAZO BS IV truck range…

  • It commits ready availability of Fast Moving Parts at MTB MPlaza stores and if some of them are not available when you need them they will be arranged and given for FREE!
  • It has set up service points every 60 km on the busy Delhi-Mumbai highway.
  • 2-hour challenge – Service will reach within two hours on the Delhi-Mumbai highway or Mahindra will issue Rs 500 compensation for every hour if there is a delay.

This is not all! Mahindra has also started offering Mahindra BLAZO spare parts at its online website You can simply browse through and order whatever parts you require at just a click of a button.

BLAZO – TVC With Ajay Devgn

With so much on offer and this much confidence, a lot of fleet owners are turning to Mahindra BLAZO and with the Mileage Guarantee extension (and other promises) on the BLAZO BS IV range it is only a win-win situation for the trucker. You can check out the complete BLAZO truck range at the official website.



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