Good news for for all those who love to do their bit for our environment! In a bid to give a fillip to the uninspiring sales of the electric vehicle e20, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles has slashed the price of the car by a whopping 1.7 lakhs INR!

According to Economic Times, the scheme does come with its attached strings, however. By cutting down on the price of the e20 electric car, Mahindra Reva has also paved the way for a rental fee that will have to be paid by the owners for the battery of the car. In other words, the owners will own each and every part of the car, except the battery. It will stay under the ownership of the company, and the owner will be charged for using it.

As simple as that!

Mahindra-Reva-e2o-electric-car (1)

Mahindra Reva believes that the subsequent reduction in the acquisition price of the vehicle more than compensates for the monthly “energy fee” that the owners have to pay for the battery rental. Customers will have to shell out INR 2,599 per month as the charge for using the battery. This will allow the customer to drive the car for 50,000 km over a period of five years. A back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals it to be 800 kms of monthly usage. Mahindra Reva has also assured 24X7 assistance and the availability of a courtesy car during the repair period of the battery.

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Earlier, the starting price of the Mahindra Reva e2o hovered around the 6.5 lakhs mark in Delhi. Sales of the e20 electric car have been paltry, with reports pegging it at around 500 units ever since it was launched in March last year. Mahindra has stated that the high price of the car was a put-off for most customers. Though the new budget did give some relief to regular cars by the reduction of excise duties, however there is nothing in it for electric cars. Hence, Mahindra has taken this step to propel sales.

The e2o runs on Lithium-Ion batteries, and can do around 100 kilometres on a complete charge without even breaking an electron sweat! Do you think the price reduction will suddenly make this car interesting, and help in making the air of our cities a bit cleaner?

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  1. This is a bad move by mahindra. My alto 800 gives almost 20kmpl on highway and petrol price here in goa is 58-60 Rs/lit. I can get 44lit fuel for 2600 Rs rental charged by mahindra and can run my alto for about 866km from that 2600 Rs.


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