Nissan Micra Facelift Spotted Covered: [Correction – It is Renault Scala]

CORRECTION: This rebadged engineering had caught us red handed! Upon very very careful observations, this ‘hidden’ car appears to be Renault Scala and NOT Nissan Micra’s facelift. We thank our readers who brought it to our notice and apologize for the gaffe!¬†


As we promised yesterday that we would bring a little surprising and an exclusive scoop related to Nissan’s small car Micra. Here we are ūüôā


While, there were no hints about it yet, but through these First Ever Exclusive spy pictures we reveal Nissan’s future intentions. Nissan launched Micra back in 2010 and with the oncoming of its re-badged sibling Renault Pulse, Micra has started to look a little outdated.



These pics have been sent to us by an avid MotorBash reader Asif Zaidi. The front fascia is covered which reveals that it would go through some changes. The beauty of this catch is that we have the existing Micra standing just beside this test mule for us to clearly distinguish the changes. Here is what we could notice:


  • The headlamps seems to be altered and a little larger
  • The fog lamps housing is changed
  • Air dam appears to be bigger.
  • Under the cover, the grille might also go through finer changes
  • Pillars are blackened out
  • Front bumper is modified to¬†accommodate¬†all the changes.
  • Rear is also expected to go through similar cosmetic changes.

The engine bits and other mechanicals are not expected to go through any significant changes apart from a few possible tinkerings here and there. This looks like a facelift and not a thorough upgrade. Considering that lifespan of testing of facelifts is not very long generally, we should be able to get to see this new Nissan Micra sometime during the first half of next year on our roads.

Nissan_Micra_Facelift (

Nissan might also launch an entry level cheaper Micra variant in this facelift as has been talked about a few months back. We hope Nissan adds a little macho look to their small car which has generally not found immense favor from  our masculine crowd. If there are any other changes you could notice, do mention them below in the comments section.

But the current news is that they have announced a PRIMO edition of Micra which has been on sale for sometime now.

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