It was 2009 when all of a sudden a good number of people thought that they can really afford a BMW Compact SUV! It was the X1 who made the dream come true for many people across the globe and became a huge success story for BMW. In a few days of it’s launch the X1 won many awards for its design, safety, pricing and off-roading capabilities. So, it’s not surprising that BMW managed to sell more than 3,00,000 units of X1 globally within two and a half year. It’s the best seller among the BMW X-Series Line-up.


Recently BMW released a facelifted version of the X1 so that it doesn’t get boring and keep the competition up. The upgrade was mainly mechanical with little cosmetic changes. The recently launched Audi Q3 is one of the tough rivals for the youngest member of the BMW X-Family. Though rumours are around that an all new X1 developed on Front-Wheel-Drive Mini Countryman Platform, might hit the Indian roads by 2015; though there’s still no confirmations on that news.

Let us congratulate BMW for achieving a milestone in a relatively short time and wish all the best!



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash


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