MotorBash’s List of Exclusive Spyshots & Scoops: 1 – 15 February

Continuing with our fortnightly feature, here are our exclusive spyshots and scoops for the first 15 days of the shortest month of the year. 

Starting with our exclusive scoops which reveal something new:

First Ever MotorBash scoops:

1. Tata Aria With Smoked Headlamps: With the news of a refreshed Tata Aria building up, we spot this Aria with smoked headlamps ready for a refuel. Not much appears changed but this definitely looks like a probable Aria facelift.

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2. Revised Nissan Evalia: You must be wondering what revision are we talking about on such a new vehicle. This Evalia pic below sports rear wipers. Under ARAI testing, this Evalia is the upcoming revised version with a few addition of features which Nissan missed on the ‘in the market’ Evalia.

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3. Mahindra Quanto 4×4: This is the BIG scoop we shared on the first day of February. This Quanto with conclusive 4×4 badging and possibly the bigger Xylo’s engine was caught in Pune. Primarily for the international markets, there are good chances that Mahindra might contemplate launching it in India as well.

Mahindra-Quanto-4x4 (6)
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4. Mercedes GL 350: These pics of hidden Mercedes big GL350 were shared by one of our readers and has on offer a lot of newer details. The spyshots also include interior pics of the upcoming car.

Mercedes-GL-350-India (2)
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Our Regular but exclusive spyshots

5. Mahindra Scorpio Lower 4WD AT Variant: Roaming around in Pune, we spotted this ‘On Test’ Scorpio which appears to be a lower 4 wheel Drive Automatic variant. Many more details inside..

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6. Volkswagen Polo with Hidden Badges: Time and again we have shared with you many shots of under test Polos. This one adds to the list but interestingly, Volkswagen has kept the badges hidden for us not to identify what’s under the bonnet. Our assumption is, it is the upcoming stonker 1.2 TSI. And we have our reasons for the same.

Volkswagen-Polo-1.2-TSI (1)
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7. Bajaj RE60: Now, Bajaj is testing this 4-wheeler (note, not a car!) rigorously to ensure it does its job with aplomb when it reaches the mass market. We see a very potentially game changing product in its space is coming.

Bajaj-RE60 (2)
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7 exclusive scoops with at least 3 new revelations is all what we did in the initial 15 days of February. You know now, where to head to when you are looking for some first hand auto info.

Keep tuned as we are out on a hunt for more!

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