Press Release:

The National HRD Network, an organization representing the HR professionals in India, has strongly deplored the act of violence and the senseless killing of a member of the fraternity at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s Manesar plant earlier this week.

The Board of the National HRD Network, which met at Chennai on Saturday the 21st of July 2012, passed a Resolution condemning this act of senseless violence and urged the authorities to severely and expeditiously punish those found guilty of this outrage.



According to Mr. Prince Augustin, National Secretary, NHRD Network, “At NHRD Network we strongly condemn such deplorable acts of violence. Infact we are extremely concerned at the increasing frequency of such incidents in the recent past, be it at Pricol, or Madras Cements or Regency Ceramics or Honda Motorcycle. Such incidents would have a severe impact on the brand equity of India, and also impact long-term competitiveness of Indian industry.”

With Employee Relations being an essential competence of the Human Resource portfolio, the NHRD Network strives to inculcate professional conduct, practices and processes, which foster industrial harmony and a culture of collaboration and mutuality. The Board resolved to further strengthen its efforts in this area by taking concrete and visible steps to help create a congenial industrial atmosphere and reinforce a climate of alignment and harmony, where differences if any are resolved through dialogue and within the established frameworks.

The NHRD Board also called upon other industry bodies and professional associations to condemn such acts of violence, and offered to collaborate with them in any endeavor aimed to prevent recurrence of such unfortunate events, and help restore the image of Indian industry, within India and abroad.

About National HRD Network

The National HRD Network (NHRDN) set-up in 1986 plays a leadership role and has become a harbinger of change for people development in India. With more than 12,700 members and 30 active Chapters, NHRDN provides Thought Leadership to the Human Resource profession through education, training, research, publications and experience sharing.




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