Nissan to Bring Its Premium Car Brand INFINITI to India

It seems Nissan would explore all spheres of the spectrum here in India. With the announcement of the low cost Datsun brand by 2014, it is marking its presence in the entry level car market.

Under its own brand it produces cars catering to the regular segment and now this piece of news would ensure it caters to high end premium segment of Indian auto market.


Nissan Infiniti to come to India


Times of India has reported that Nissan is planning to bring its premium luxury brand Infiniti in India. For all those who do not know, these Japanese companies make different brands to emphasize on one segment of cars.

Toyota’s premium brand : Lexus

Honda’s premium brand : Acura

Nissan’s premium brand: Infiniti

We checked Infiniti’s worldwide site and it greeted us with a message that “Infiniti is not yet available in India“. Times of India reports that its the time frame the company is working on and it is decided that they are going to launch Infiniti branded cars here in India.

Nissan is already present with the Infiniti brand of cars in our neighboring country China and also plans to localize production by 2014 to make its cars more competitive in the market.


Source: Times of India

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