OFFICIAL: Get Ready for World Premiere of Nissan’s Datsun on 15th July in Gurgaon

It feels so good to share this news with all of you. We have not heard many world premieres happening on our land but soon the scenario is changing and changing fast.

Nissan is premiering their budget ‘Datsun’ brand in India! Minutes back we have received the official ‘Block Your Date’ mailer which seals the date for us.


Nissan Global’s top boss Carlos Ghosn will unveil the brand on 15th July at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. Datsun will be Nissan’s entry into the volume intensive entry level segments. Apart from India, Nissan will launch Datsun branded cars in Russia, China and a few other emerging countries.

This will be Datsun Trademark Grille

After the official announcement, Datsun branded cars will make it to the roads after the Auto Expo 2014 in Noida. The first Datsun car ‘K2’ will be based on Micra but Nissan has been, time and again, reiterating that Datsun branded cars will not be mere rebadge jobs; Instead, they will be significantly different and individual models.

Apart from this B-Segment K2, Datsun will also launch ‘I2’, an A-segment car and an MPV based on the K2 platform. Datsun branded cars will bank upon their practicality, simplicity and price as their unique selling prepositions. (Read Details about Datsun Cars)

So are you excited? Yes, we are!

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