Scoop! XYLO facelift spied

From the day Xylo was launched, I am yet to come across a person who has actually liked its designing. Actually Xylo was launched more to compete with the magnanimous Toyota’s warhorse Innova but it seems that job is being handled by Scorpio with Xylo managing quite lesser volumes.
Nonetheless, coming to the point, a team-bhpian has caught the new Xylo in a dealers stockyard which he says he got while pre delivery inspection of his Scorpio. And the changes are more than welcome.

New Xylo & Existing Xylo

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Swift goes Notchback!

Since ages we all have been waiting for the “All New SUZUKI… oops, Maruti Suzuki Swift D’zire and as per expectations, it’s definitely….. Not a Sedan anymore! The new MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT D’Zire is now a notch-back and it seems that it still is not as beautiful as it should be. I will never know … Read more

Limited Edition Audi A1 hits UK

In limited numbers, 333 to be precise, were built and just 20 are shipped to UK by Audi. More on this, is it sports a 2.0 litre 4 cylinders in-line turbocharged petrol engine which develops a whooping 252 bhp of power and 258 Nm of torque between 2,500-4,500 rpm. Other crazy news to make you go crazy over this little Audi is Quattro! Yes, the Audi A1 is four wheel drive but, yes I always have a but to write in all my articles and news because I find it fun, by the way, Quattro is not be eating up all your fuel, in fact, the car is powered by front wheels only, but again, as it senses anything as per which rear wheels need to get in between, it starts sending all the power to all the four wheels.

This way, 0-100 kph comes in a mere 5.7 seconds! Also the top speed is 152 mph.

The prices ain’t out yet but we expect them to be more than current prices and around Rs. 1658435, cheap huh?

But (again), sad news is, nothing about launching this babe here in India. Audi, are you listening, umm, reading? Whatever.

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