Pay For Scala, Get a Duster; Renault Launches StepUp Bonanza Offer

The festive season is round the corner and Renault India has added a reason for its prospective owners planning to buy Renault Pulse, Scala and Duster to be happy about.

To delight the customers who wish to drive home a Renault this festive season, Renault India has launched a Nine day Offer called ‘Step Up Bonanza‘. Though the official statement we have received is a little confusing and doesn’t speak about the actual deal clearly, we try to decipher it for you:

Renault-Duster (4)

There are 3 Offers in this StepUp Bonanza

  1. Upgrade Offer:  This Bonanza gives an opportunity for the owners opting for Renault Pulse, Scala and Duster to upgrade to the next higher variant at the price of their original choice. For Example: You book the top of the line Renault Pulse you will have two options – You can either move up the ladder and get the next product in the lineup, the Scala RXE Petrol or pay only the price of lower Pulse RXL diesel. 
  2. Assured Gifts: Add to this Renault is also offering customers to win assured gifts of up to Rs 8 Crores
  3. Free Insurance: Renault also informs us that customers booking their cars will also get free insurance but this is limited to Scala and Pulse.

If you are still confused about the Upgrade Offer, we give you another example:

You intend to buy the top of the line Scala RXZ diesel, you have two options – Either you can pay the price of lower Scala RXZ diesel and take home the topmost RXZ variant or you can opt to take home the Renault Duster RXL variant (at the price of Scala RXZ).


This offer period has already begun from Sept- 7 and will be offered till Sept-15. It appears that this offer is limited to Pulse, Scala and Duster and Fluence is not included. Apart from that Renault is NOT offering their StepUp Bonanza in Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh for reasons best known to them.

After understanding this offer, it appears to be a real good deal and if you are considering buying a Renault car, this is your best bet! Renault India has reported a good response and has shared that more than 13 customers have upgraded to a higher car through this offer since the launch of this StepUp Bonanza!

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    • We have no clue on this… But considering the falling sales of Duster and the oncoming of further competition, we guess, it may be spread to all the states of India..
      Or something similar or better may be in the offing..!


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