Polaris took the first mover advantage in the upcoming ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) scenario and India and its success has been more than a one-hit wonder.

Their ATVs have been gaining quite a lot of popularity in the urban as well as semi-urban markets due to the getaway they offer from your everyday regular cars on the weekends . Going a bit off-road, traveling in your farms or orchards and going for rides on beaches, they could do it all.

Polaris has recently introduced yet another ATV in India which we believe would be  one hell of an ATV to drive considering its engine specs. Its specs are something which would put the recently launched Nebula’d flagship ATV in the backseat. The Ranger RZR XP 900 has an 875 cc , 88 PS , 4-stroke engine which is going to offer some performance not many will have the ability to tame. Since its been the segment leader in almost all aspects, there is another small segment first they have which are the LED head lamps and is priced at Rs. 19.36 Lakh.

Polaris states that their flagship will offer a smooth throttle response when given the stick and better fuel efficiency than its rivals (read as Nebula). It’s been fitted with an altogether new 3-link trailing arm IRS which gives it 14” rear travel which we believe is sufficient enough for the abuse it might have to take.

Speaking to media on the occasion , Mr. Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India, said: “Polaris would be crossing another milestone with the unveiling of this stunning RZR XP 900, which has been admired by adventurists all over the world, as an addition to its vast product portfolio in the field of off-road sports vehicles. This launch is going to set the spirits high for adventurers and travel enthusiasts who will now be able to enjoy the ease of owning and maintaining this vehicle and exploring tough terrains with ease and comfort.”


India is a growing market it all types of automobiles and companies are looking to take advantage of that. These are brought in India as CBUs but if the volumes increase, a CKD route is also in considerations. If you thought that you could spend some 20 Lakhs on this and be the talk of the town driving it around , you’re wrong my friend. These are street illegal and are meant for your hobby purposes only. Now hobby, we did say!




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