[POLL Feature] TATA Might Launch the Nano Diesel by March 2013

While our exclusive catch of diesel Nano makes it clear that TATA has been testing this car and based on the results and plannings, this would be released in the market. However, its not the product which TATA has to look after only, there are other roadblocks on its way as well.

Nano diesel caught testing. For more information click on the image


Tata Nano diesel may face delay in the launch reason being that the vendors are not happy with the profitability on account of their supplies on petrol variant and are worried about the diesel’s sales as well.

As compared to the expected sales of 25,000 units of petrol Nano, Tata Motors managed to get not even one0third of these units a month. According to sources Tata Motors is expecting 2.5 lakh units per annum sale for its diesel Nano and that equates to more than 20,000 units per month. But looking at the petrol sales figure vendors don’t want to set up their capacity as per Tata Motors’ estimations.

There are various kinds of negotiations going on between the vendors and the company and there must be a way out both the parties would have to agree to considering the fact that Nano Diesel, as a product, seriously seems a big potential to our diesel-ified market.

TATA might be launching the Nano Diesel somewhere around early next year, however, the company has said that they have not fixed any timelines for it. Let us see when do we eventually get the Nano.


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Also check out our exclusive spy pictures of Nano Diesel here.



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  1. A good & an excellent economical car. I like & I am interested.TATA have to work more on that to improve proficiency.


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