Porsche 911- All set to beat the Nissan GTR again!

As the title says, Porsche has reworked their flagship model the 911 once again and to beat the closest rival, the Nissan GT-R.

Earlier when Nissan came up with the latest GT-R, all of thought that now it’s just impossible for anyone to beat the GT-R on the Nurburgring because they purposely tested the GT-R there to beat the Porsche’s timings. But the Prosche is back, and with 911 mounted with three turbos! yes you read it right. Porsche has done this to boost the power figures not only at the full throttle but on the lower revs as well, what they have done is, employed one turbo very close to the engine to boost the low rpm torque and other two as they were before with slight tweaks.

Alright, no more ga-ga, here are the power figures, previously they were 495 bhp which now have gone upto 525 horses! Though engine is 3.8 litre in-line six.

Also, expect the same system to do the duty on Turbo S and GT2 RS models.


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