Price Comparo: New Dzire vs Zest vs Amaze vs Xcent

Maruti has finally launched their new 2015 Dzire facelift in India which comes with some new equipment, enhanced fuel efficiency and also an increment in price. Yesterday, we shared with you how much has Maruti increased prices of the new Dzire wrt the old Dzire variant to variant and today, let us give you a clear picture on how it stands against the competition.

New 2015 Dzire vs Zest vs Amaze vs Xcent: Price Comparo


Quick Pointers:


  • For starting prices, the new Dzire is the second most expensive product in the market, only behind Amaze.
  • For mid-variants, Dzire is a wee bit cheaper than the Xcent. Amaze is still the costliest and Zest the cheapest.
  • The same story continues for top of the line trims – new Dzire is just Rs 4000 cheaper than Xcent. Amaze is the only car that breaches the 7 Lakh price band here and Zest sits luring at 6.27 Lakhs, the most affordable here.


  • Hyundai has cleverly placed its Xcent as the most affordable sub 4 meter diesel compact sedan. Amaze maintains its crown of the costliest here.
  • The highest selling mid-variants are neck to neck with not much to differentiate between allĀ of them.
  • For the top of the line diesel trims, new Dzire is the second costliest of the lot followed by Xcent and the interesting Zest. Amaze is the only car which breaches the 8 lakh price bracket.


  • The Zest is the only car in the segment which gives you a turbocharged petrol engine and an AMT gearbox on the diesel engine and yet, its prices are almost segment best! Tata doesn’t offer an automatic box on the petrol engine.
  • Amaze is the only car here which offers two variants of the Automatic version.
  • If you are price conscious and intends to buy an automatic compact sedan, new Dzire is the most affordable and has a difference of almost 1 Lakh with Xcent and about Rs 40,000 with Amaze.

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