Planning to buy a Maruti Ertiga ZDi? Well, don’t be too excited because right now, nobody has any idea about the possible date of delivery. The company says that they are facing hard time ramping up production of top end Ertiga variants (ZXi and ZDi) due to shortage of Alloy Wheels. As a fact Maruti Suzuki imports the alloy wheels from Thailand and the company out there is unable to cope up with the sudden surge is demand.

The LXi and VXi Variants are almost readily available while LDi has an waiting period of One Month and the VDi variant has waiting period of four months. The top-end petrol variant, ZXi is after 10-12 weeks from booking and for the Diesel top-end variant, ZDi, you may have to wait till March, 2013!

Currently, the top-end diesel variant (ZDi) is the most sought-after model of the Ertiga line-up. This ZDi model contributes almost 50 per cent of the total Ertiga sales. Previously, Maruti Suzuki had estimated demand for the ZDi model to be around 20 per cent of the total Ertiga sales. Well, the price difference between the VDi and the ZDi variants is pushing the customers to opt for the top-end variant which sports features like rear de-fogger, rear wash-wipe, height adjustable driver seat and front dual airbags. Customers get all these for just Rs. 80,000 only, which is the price difference between the VDi and ZDi model.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash


News Source: AutoCar India





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