Renault had kept a very interesting concept at the Auto Expo under the name KWID, a tiny 3.6m long crossover to give the company more presence in the crossover segment.

The non-European unveiling by the French automotive company is a sign of commitment to new and emerging markets like India, Russia and Brazil. The youthful design clearly designates the target audience of 25 to 35 year olds. The concept actually was a working model and Renault, in fact, provided media drives to some journos.


Now, according to a report published in Auto Express UK, Renault is planning to take the KWID from a concept to a more production probable model. Renault believes that the young customers in India & other markets are trendsetters and let us hope India becomes the first country to enjoy the production KWID.

Anything on the engines is pure speculation at this moment but we do believe a production KWID will be toned down a lot, starting with the possibility of it being a proper 4-5 seater.

KWID Concept had an electric operated front bench seat on a centre rail, electric opening doors and LED lightings. Another brilliant feature was a touchscreen based gear shift positioned right next to the steering wheel. Now we seriously doubt whether these features will seep from the concept to the production model as it would significantly raise the costs.


The touch screen dashboard in the form of a tablet shows the data from the Flying Companion, which is another ground breaking technology present in the concept. It involves a tiny drone which takes off from the roof of the car and sends images of the traffic conditions ahead. While this is a very interesting concept, but in a country like India the technology is unlikely to succeed due to serious security threats and traffic congestion.

So, Renault bring it on!

Renaut KWID Picture Gallery:




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