Officially unveiled at the Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi, Tata Safari Storme has been madly awaited for so many months now. 

There have been so many dates which have been flouted about the possible launch of Safari Storme that we have lost count. Meanwhile, we kept spotting test mules regularly on Pune roads but you must have noticed that we were silent for the last few days about this macho SUV.


We tried contacting local dealers here in Pune who negated about any variant of current Safari that Tata has axed. They also do not have any idea (or preferred to remain silent) about Storme’s launch. At least one of them was even ready to take our booking for Tata Safari GX or VX, two of the top variants which allegedly have been discontinued to make space for Storme.


Now, after months of speculations this doesn’t land us anywhere. However, hints are absolutely in favor of Tata launching the Storme around or before Diwali. Meanwhile, spotting of Safari Storme has become so common these days that it could be found on many Pune roads or even apartments. The pics you see here are from an apartment in Pune shared with us by our reader Saurabh Kekre.

The tiny back-faced covered mule in between is the Tata Indica XL which is again a common finding on the roads.

Now we also have an interesting picture below which has been shared with us by another reader from Pune Nikhil Sood. We are unclear what can we make out of it, but this packet, along with a few others, which contain Safari Storme spare parts was snapped at Pune Railway Station. The packet read “Storme Front Cowl Mould” and it seems it has been shipped by some vendor to Tata Motors.


Tata is big time tight-lipped about Storme’s launch. A few of the guys I met have even started saying, “I believe Safari Storme was a hoax“. Meanwhile what we do know is that Force is coming up with the Force One 4×4.

However, these developments along with a few others do hint at a “Coming Soon” hope for us. So are you waiting for it?

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