A while back, MotorBash and other online portals were filled with spyshots of Tata’s Indica XL which was one of the most caught car.

But it was always the case that all the mules were covered from the back which left an inquisitiveness among everyone about the possibilities what Tata might be trying. We continue to spot the car but due to any lack of new information we do not share it with you guys. 


And now, guys at Overdrive have published a clear spypic of this Indica XL at their Twitter account. This is the first ever pic which reveals the car’s body proportions and it clears there are no extra tantrums at the rear. Its just an extended wheelbase version of the current Indica.

The biggest question surrounding the new Indica XL is its seating capacity. There were rumors that it might just be a 7 seater enhancing the utility of the car. Unfortunately, the lone low-resolution pic we have doesn’t seem to reveal how many seats does this car have at the rear despite the rolled-down rear glass. After trying various editing hands at the pic, we do not even see the rear seats (observe that the lower line of the rear glass is visible) and the option of jump seats can be ruled out completely. There is something that is kept at the back wrapped which looks like an independent seat with headrests but there is nothing to its right.

This is the face of Indica XL from our earlier catches. Click image for more details

Hold on..! We will end it here and wait for a clear spotting of the mule to be ascertained of the answer to this unnerving question. What we do know for sure is that this Indica XL will carry the 1.4L CR4 diesel engine with the front fascia borrowing cues from the Indigo eCS. Let’s hope Tata reveals a little more about their launch plans of this Indica XL which they have been testing for many months altogether now!


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Spy Pic Credit: Overdrive @ Twitter




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