Auto Expo: Ssangyong Showcases LIV-1 Concept SUV; Pics & Details Inside

Ssangyong had a noticeable presence at the Delhi Auto Expo. Apart from the Rodius, one of their on-display vehicles was the LIV-1 concept, which is an abbreviation of Limitless Interface Vehicle. I have no clue what does that ‘1’ stand for!

The LIV-1 is a hint about what kind of vehicles we can expect to see rolling out from the assembly lines of Ssangyong. Making use of Ssangyong’s innovative 3s-Cube philosophy, the LIV-1 is indeed a futuristic vehicle.


That philosophy consists of three principles, namely:

  1. Smart Link
  2. Safe Way and
  3. Special Sense

The 3s-Cube is the cornerstone of Ssangyong’s future technological endeavours. It connects the three above-mentioned principles to enable control of the vehicle by the use of a smart device. It can also be used to provide entertainment both inside and outside the vehicle.


Smart Link refers to a roof-and-glass system created from a nano tube technology that removes frost quickly through remote control for safe wintertime driving. The Safe Way technology ensures safe driving through the TSA, which actively prevents collisions in blind spots and at intersections. Special Sense refers to the User-Vehicle interaction that takes place through the five displays, including the 10-inch monitor in the centre fascia and the 7-inch monitor in the headrest. The touch-panel displays featured in the LIV-1 provide you with clear information while creating a futuristic atmosphere.

The LIV-1 doesn’t just boast of the electronic gizmos. It is housed in a sturdy body frame which helps to improve the safety of the occupants of the car. It also allows the unique four wheel drive system of Ssangyong to be used to its optimum potential. On the exterior, the LIV-1 is a very rugged and sophisticated looking product. The oversized fenders and the humongous engine grille help project a very tough image, essential to that of a SUV.

LIV-1 is a 7 seat SUV which follows the 2+2+3 seating configuration and is possibly a replacement to the Ssangyong Rexton in the times to come.

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