Summers have started, we told this one time some days ago. So what are we upto now? So how to keep your car upto the date so that it doesn’t breaks down? What kind of engine oil, coolant and other things are important to have like tyres and other important factors, we will learn today. So, let’s start with most common human error which sometimes result in deadly accidents, Tyres:

They play a very important role in the smooth operations and this is a very old and boring line to read again and again. So check the tyres, check the tread if it’s hard or not, if hard or the depth is lower than recommended, change them. Changing them means replacing the whole tyre instead of going for a retreading, it’s better to run on a worn out or hardened tyre than running on retreaded ones, they can kill you quicklier! Alright, no more death talks but they will cost you more with accident job repairs.

Engine Oil:
Engine oil should be as thick as possible don’t take Us wrong and don’t try to fill grease in the sump! Try using 10W 50 or something like that to get the best performance of the oil, because almost everything get’s more and more liquid and volatile as the heat increases except Dosa and Bhajiya matter, alright jokes apart, a more viscous oil will keep your engine cool and well lubricated for a longer duration of time than the usual one.

Batteries, when warm, charge quickly, but can discharge as quickly because with that much heat inside, the water gets evaporated and escapes through the vent. So make sure to have optimum water level and fill it with distilled water only, it costs 10-15 rupees for a litre while the battery costs more.


It is getting costly day be day and overnight these days! Park your car there, where you’re assured to have shadow the whole day. Petrol starts vaporizing at 25 degree Celsius while the tempuratures in summers easily reach beyond 45 degrees at quite many places and a hot tank acts as some catalyst to increase the rate of the phenomenon, park in shade as We said. Your car’s mileage figure won’t drop this way. And don’t add additives to increase the boiling point of the fuel, it will only bar the engine’s performance resulting in even lower mileage figures.

Wax polish your car every third or every consecutive day as per your ease, paint jobs are quite hectic, slow, time and money consuming, a cheap wax polish’s pack can save ye quite a huge amount this way.

One quite essential joint they are and trust me, a cooked(over-heated) brake set is of no use, they just deny working when over-heated just the way we humans do when forced to work overtime specially when we are drawing satisfactory amount, anyway. Get your brakes checked, cleaned and adjusted so that they give you their optimum performance. Change/replace worn our brake pads and brake shoes, get the disc rotors and drums smooth if needed.

We think We need not elaborate this one, if you’re an experienced driver you must have experienced this, if you’re not, you will soon. Well, clutch has a lot of work to do no matter whether it’s engaged or not. And it can get cooked too specially if driven hard or only with 1st-2nd gears even if for a bit of time in traffic. Clutch is like a great responsibility, use it wisely.

Plastics and Fibre and Glass:
Keep very good care of these three things, colored plastic and fibre’s color and paint can fade and glass may get quite strange marks and shades on it if parked in very hot climate and/or direct Sunlight, We know we can’t drive in shade all the time and we have never asked you to do so, We are just saying all these things when you park and sit in Air Conditioned rooms. Car’s parts are so designed(even if by mistake) that they are continuously cooled by the flowing air so you need not worry but once it’s parked, there’s nothing to cool it down and that is the thing We are talking about. Same is applicable for interiors but our last article has already talked about keeping the interiors safe and cool why don’t you read it?

Once again, we at feel we’ve done our bit of safe guarding You, your car, your time and your money. Go and enjoy this summer at some water amusement park, some river or lake, be safe, have a great driving pleasure.



  1. very informative Ankit Bhai,
    does it mean that our automobiles, be it 2 or 4 wheelers, would return less mileage in summers?

    • Thank You bro, and yes, if parked even in a bit hot condition, petrol starts vaporizing but first the density becomes less and then the quantity, so it’s wiser to fill in the morning only the amount needed, also thr’s much more, we’ll discuss it whenever you wish. 🙂


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