Suprising: Ciaz SHVS Hybrid Diesel is Cheaper than Outgoing Diesel-Only Version; Price Comparison

Against what is a common belief, Maruti Suzuki has reduced the prices of new Ciaz SHVS Diesel despite the addition of new features and increment in fuel economy.

Now that is why Maruti Suzuki is the leader in the Indian market sphere and there is literally no second in place! They innovate and bring about technologies in segments which can be mass-produced and mass-used! Not that the hybrid they brought about was not available in India before, but in the C2 sedan segment it is new and most importantly it brings about an increment in mileage, one of the key aspects when you are operating in India!

However, the bigger surprise is, despite the addition of costly Hybrid gadgetry, prices of the new Ciaz SHVS diesel are lesser than the now discontinued diesel-only version by upto Rs 24,000!

We have compiled a side by side comparo chart below for your reference which lists how much has Maruti Suzuki reduced the prices on the new Ciaz variant to variant…

Old Ciaz vs New Ciaz SHVS Hybrid Price Comparison


Reasons of Price Reduction

This has been made possible because of the following reasons as shared by Maruti.

  • FAME Benefit: Under the Government’s FAME scheme, Ciaz SHVS gets a benefit of about Rs 13,000 per vehicle.
  • Reduced Excise Duty: In India sedansĀ over 4 meters in length attract 24 percent excise duty which was the case with regular Ciaz diesel as well. However, owing to the benefits for hybrid and electric vehicles extended by the government, Ciaz SHVS now attracts exactly half of that! Yes, excise duty on Ciaz hybrid has been reduced to 12.5% from 24%.

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