Suzuki Admits Discrepancy in Fuel Efficiency Figures in Swift, WagonR etc

The world has barely got over with the shock of the Volkswagen diesel gate scandal that it was rocked again. This time a Japanese manufacturer (Mitsubishi) had lied about its efficiency figures. Thought that was it? No, we have another defaulter now. And it’s none other than Suzuki! Yes, they have admitted to fudging their fuel efficiency figures in Japan.

Suzuki though is one of the first manufacturer to voluntarily accept discrepancies. They were recently asked by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan to investigate on the efficiency figures as the company provided numbers were found to be different from that of the government ones. 16 models have been found to be affected which includes the likes of Alto, WagonR, Swift, Baleno, Ignis.

Maruti-Baleno-Pics (3)

However, the folks at Suzuki have emphasised on the fact that the problem is limited only to models sold in Japan. So how did something like this happen with a manufacturer like Suzuki? As a saving grace, the company claims that their testing methods are different from the ones used by the Ministry. Factors like location of testing facility, temperature and weather of the surrounding area can seriously alter results.

The Japanese manufacturer however maintains that customers can continue to use their cars as they comply to the necessary safety and emission standards. Affected cars date back to 2010 and the total number can easily head to millions of units.

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