Muscular RediGo Spotted Testing First Time – Nissan’s Kwid!

Barely has the paint on Renault’s Kwid started to dry that their partner Nissan has started testing their upcoming product based on the same platform – the production version of the Datsun Redigo hatchback . Spied by the folks at Motor Vikatan, the Datsun Redi Go concept uses the same Common Module Family-A (CMF-A) platform … Read more

SIAM’s 54th Annual Convention: Nissan Exports 73% Micras; Plans Explained

The SIAM’s 54th Annual Convention focused on how to make India a major automotive hub, aiming to make the automotive industry an engine of India’s economic growth. The new Prime Minister in his Independence Day Speech requested multinational companies to make India their manufacturing centre and export nucleus.

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