Suzuki Swift Attitude- Special Edition

Well we don’t know how many times, or for how much more time Suzuki Europe will keep coming with Special Edition Swifts but one thing that we know is, Swift definitely has got those awesome looks for sure, many more good looking cars are in the market for sure but Swift, still looks good. Anyway, … Read more

New ‘Star’ Ratings To Become Mandatory For Fuel Efficiency

The way, all your newly purchased electrical household items such as Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Televisions etc. bear a sticker displaying the ‘Stars’ ratings displaying the power consumption efficiency, the new cars will bear the same to show how fuel efficient the product is. Even though the new standards will be in effect only in 2015 … Read more

Summer Maintenance Tips

Summers have started, we told this one time some days ago. So what are we upto now? So how to keep your car upto the date so that it doesn’t breaks down? What kind of engine oil, coolant and other things are important to have like tyres and other important factors, we will learn today. … Read more

Driving: Cautions and Precautions- Continued

Hello everyone. Alright, let’s talk about Alcohol, Drugs and after effects while driving. Well, if you drive after consuming any intoxicating stuff and reach home safely, let me tell you all the inside things that either u haven’t noticed else you have over looked. Alcohol and almost every other drug out there forces your brain … Read more