Surprise Surprise! New X-Trail Indian Launch This Diwali

The Japanese manufacturer Nissan is planning to reintroduce their SUV X-Trail to India. Introduced first in 2004, the company decided to shelve it last year due to low demand. The new version which is expected to make its way to India later this year carries a much more aerodynamic shape and was showcased at Frankfurt … Read more

Forget The Qashqai; All-New Nissan X-Trail is Headed Our Way

Nissan X-Trail Coming To India

Some time back, there were rumor mills suggesting that Nissan was knitting together stratagems to rope in its Qashqai on to the Indian roads. We are unsure of any development on that front but Autocar now reports that we will have on offer will be the brand-new Nissan X-Trail!

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Geneva Auto Show- Brief of launches 2

Well, After the first report, let’s talk more. Tata Motors has unveiled the MegaPixel Concept. It will be powered by 4 wheel mounted motors and the batteries will be charged by an engine powered genrator, pumping out 100 kilometers per litre of mileage! This will also give it a range of 900 kilomteres for one … Read more