TATA Aria 4×2 Caught Testing: What Now?

On our way to Goa today, we spotted this TATA Aria somewhere around Satara, Maharashtra. The crossover we spotted was white 4×2 Aria in its Prestige trim. It was driven very sedately and against our experiences of fast chases, this one was a relaxed catch.


MotorBash TATA Aria (4)


TATA has been testing ARIA big time and this might be one big permutation combination of its predicament. We could not ascertain what this car was being tested for. But TATA might have to do something substantially good to keep this product in the reckoning as its sales are not really something to write home about.

MotorBash TATA Aria


Its direct competitor Mahindra’s XUV5OO is doing single-handedly what other SUVs are not able to do combined. We feel TATA should reduce the price tag of this car by 2-3 lakhs to make this a prospect buy. Else a lesser priced variant would be more attractive to buy.

We could not spot anything which is strikingly different. Try if you can catch something ‘new’ from the existing variants on offer.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


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