Tata Motors Presents Blaze De Rajasthan!

Didn’t you see Our poker faces while We were writing the title for this article? Alright, let Us make it once again…. Ah! Leave it, anyway. Tata Motors, for the enthusiasts, has launched an initiative. A competition rally on the off-roads of Rajasthan and has named it Blaze De Rajasthan. Poker face again? Ahem.. Ahem..

Going by the lines of Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Motors has launched the concepts of ‘Full-Throttle’ and ‘Blaze De Rajasthan’. Full Throttle is a rally which will span over a several days, while the Blaze De Rajasthan is a one day rallying event. And Tata Motors is to conduct it on 9th and 10th June.

The rally will commence and end in Jaipur after roaming through an adventurous 300 kms long route. The rally is based on Time, Speed and Distance with categories of 2 WD, 4 WD and Women’s Team. The entry is open to all, no matter whether you are a fresher or own some other company’s SUV, everyone is welcome to participate.

To take part in these adventurous off-roading activities, enthusiasts can mail Tata Motors at

  1. tharmotorsport@gmail.com
  2. blazederajasthan@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com
  3. experiences@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com
  4. or can visit them at Tatamotorsfullthrottle


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