Tata is launching the Safari Storme finally on 17th October and this is known to all. However, there is a pre-launch media drive event at Lavasa which is scheduled for today.

While covering a Shell-Ducati organised event for last two days, we saw immense preparation for Safari Storme. As soon as you enter Lavasa,banners & teasers have been put up.


While returning yesterday evening, we saw at least 11 Safari Stormes (yes I counted them!) making way towards Lavasa. The interesting bit about all of them was that each car carried normal MH-14 registration and none of them had temporary or test registration red number plates. One of them even had crash guard installed! Majority of them were white and brown and VX trim.

The event is scheduled at Lavasa Convention Center looking at the arrangements that were being done to decorate it. The pic you see here is a truck (also advertising Tata Safari Storme) carrying goods and marketing stuff, spotted just at the Lavasa’s boundary. There were many such trucks that were moving in.

Whatever it is, it seems Tata now wants to promote Safari Storme aggressively. They are promoting it as a ‘refined’ SUV!


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