There has been a revision in the prices of Tata passenger vehicles, reports The revision comes in the wake of the reduction on prices made earlier with Finance Ministry announcing a reduction on excise duty. Double whammy, you can call it.

Tata hasn’t been doing well with sales numbers of its vehicles sliding down to about 5.56 percent. The total units sold by the company in February this year stands at 39,951.

Tata hopes that the revision of prices will help it gain some momentum. Nano is now cheaper by INR 8000. The lowest spec Nano can now be had for INR 1.41 lacs compared to INR 1.5 lacs earlier.

Tata-Nano-Twist-Active (1)
Nano Twist Active. Click pic for details

Nano’s new prices:

Now Earlier
Nano LX INR 2.18 lacs INR 2.24 lacs
Nano Twist XT INR 2.31 lacs INR 2.38 lacs
Nano CNG LX INR 2.58 INR 2.67 lacs

The prices on other vehicles have also been reduced from INR 7000 to INR 45,000.

Safari & Storme New Prices:

The SUV Safari is now INR 35,000 cheaper than its previous asking price and you will need to pay INR 45,000 less for a brand new Safari Storme.

Storme Ladakh Concept. Click pic for more details
  • Safari LX INR 8.41 lacs
  • Safari EX INR 9.59 lacs
  • Safari Storme LX INR 9.83 lacs
  • Safari Storme VX 4X4 INR 13.82 lacs

Indica eV2 new prices:

The hatchback Indica eV2 range sees a reduction of INR 15,000 on petrol models and INR 7000 on diesel.

  • Indica eV2 GLS INR 3.85 lacs
  • Indica eV2 GLX INR 4.11 lacs
  • Indica Diesel LS INR 4.39 lacs
  • Indica Diesel LX INR 4.80 lacs

Indigo new prices:

The models of Indigo sedan now go cheaper by INR 15,000.

  • Indigo diesel eCS LS CR4 INR 5.38 lacs
  • Indigo diesel VX CR4 INR 5.89 lacs

Manza New prices:

Variants of Tata Indigo Manza Club Class go cheaper by about INR 20,000.

  • Manza LS INR 5.85 lacs
  • Manza EX INR 8.07 lacs

So, cheers then! Hustle up. It won’t get any better than that.

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