If you’re a petrolhead now, you must have been so since your childhood and dreamt of cars that follow your command. Till now we have seen remotely operated cars only in movies, but now the stars at  Lovely Professional University has developed a car that rolls on its own. This car can be run by using Mobile Phone from anywhere across the globe.

This car has both Auto and Manual mode and safety features like child-lock system for the automatic mode. Anyone sitting in the car can also drive the car by asking the driver having an access to the remote seated operator. This wonder-car can be used in both day and night conditions, as it’s tested for more than a thousand kilometres.

Students who worked in the project, Bikas (M. Tech, ECE), Lokesh Ramina (B. Tech, ECE), Rahul Jain (Mech. Engg.) and Suvendu (Mech. Engg) say: “We are very happy on the success of our future car. Imagining from our childhood- Robotics toys, remote sensing cars; we four collaboratively devised the present car utilizing Internet, Mobile Phone, Laptop, C+ language Programming, Micro-Controller Board with ATMEGA 128 IC, under electrical control circuit”. And to talk about their effort they said: “We could not sleep for many nights in devising out this project of ours and many a time got firm boosting from our mentors, when we faced hurdles in the project”.


Talking about this, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal says: “It is indeed a different kind of automotive experience. This project is pioneer in the automobile industry and probably can give new dimensions to how people can commute”.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash


News Source: ZigWheels




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