Would You Choose Chevrolet Sail UVA With 1.3 MultiJet over Figo TDCi? Clear Picture Gallery of Sail Inside

Chevrolet has been busy preparing an assault on the Swifts and Figos of our world. And the weapon they plan to use is called as Sail UVA! 


We would come up with all the information in another article, till that time check these images of whats coming our way. Chevrolet displayed the Sail hatchback at the Auto Expo in Delhi this year and these pictures reveal all the body proportions of the new car which is expected to be launched very soon.

Now the question is – Would you pick this Sail UVA Hatch with the famed 1.3L Multijet diesel engine over Figo TDCi if both the cars are priced similarly? Share your views in the attached poll.

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Picture Gallery:


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