1000 Lamborghini Aventadors on the Roads Now

Lamborghini has just touched a milestone of building 1000 Aventadors. The Aventador has reached this figure at nearly double the pace of Murcielago, the car it succeeded. 


The 1000th Aventador is bought by a German customer named Hans Scheidecker who already owns a Diablo. Aventador took 15 months to complete 1000 sales where Murcielago reached this milestone in 29 months. The 1000th milestone car is Argos Orange and was handed over to Hans by CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

in India, if you want to own this deadly sinister which is powered by a V12 6498cc 690BHP mill, all you need to do is pay an amount of 3.75 crores and this brutal babe would be yours.


Source: Autoviva.com

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