The crossover hatcback based on the Elite i20 was spied back in October last year first by MotorBash. And day before yesterday, it had its global debut in India with the name i20 Active.

So what separates it with the i20, obviously apart from the cosmetic bling? Here are 7 differences between the i20 and i20 Active which will help you understand and decide between these two…


  • Higher Ground Clearance: The i20 Active gets raised suspension which helps in registering a better ground clearance of 190mm as compared to 170mm of the hatchback
  • Dimensions: At 1760mm, i20 Active is a wider car than i20’s 1734mm. This, we believe is because of all that extra cladding.
  • Engines: The 1.2 liter petrol and 1.4 liter diesel are common on both the cars and produce exactly the same power and torque output. However, on the i20 Active they are slightly more tweaked and responsive. Hyundai claims that i20 Active petrol is 6 percent and diesel is 11 percent more responsive than the elite i20 hatchback.
  • Wheels: Elite i20 gets 14 inch steel wheels on lesser variants and 16 inch alloys on the top Sportz (O) and Asta trims. The i20 Active though gets 15 inch alloys in the base variants and 16 inch diamond cut alloys on S and SX trims.
  • Braking: Though, we do not have any specs to prove this, but according to the earlier sneaking bits we received, the i20 Active may carry better braking capabilities owing to bigger front disc brake callipers. (Confirmation pending)
  • Fuel Efficiency: We are representing the fuel efficiency comparison with the following chart. As a result of that extra ‘responsiveness’ the i20 Active is a wee bit lesser fuel efficient than the hatchback.


  • Price Difference Between i20 Active and i20


The i20 Active is available in five variants, exactly half of the hatchback’s total of ten. Here are some quick pointers on the pricing…

  • Average Pricing difference between corresponding diesel and petrol variants on the i20 Active is approx 1.25 Lakhs. The same on the i20 hatchback is around Rs 1.15 Lakhs.
  • The i20 Active’s starting price is higher than the entry level diesel of elite i20.
  • The higher two variants of i20 Active’s diesel are priced higher than all the variants of i20 hatch.
  • Both the base variants of i20 Active are placed between the Sportz and Sportz (O) of the hatcback.

So, there you go…! Looking from Hyundai’s point of view, they have as many as 15 variants of their i20 which span across Rs 5.23 Lakhs to almost 9 Lakhs and from a premium B+ segment hatchback to the softroader crossover segment. This also almost confirms that the upcoming ix25 Compact SUV will be placed around Duster.

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