Audi Responds! Launches Cut-Price Audi A4 Celebration Edition at Rs 25.99 Lakh

The news is that the competition for entry level luxury is getting hotter. It was the Mercedes celebrating the sale of 10 million units of its C Class worldwide with its ‘Edition C‘. Now is the turn of Audi.

No, it has not reached any stratospheric sales figure like the Merc, it is just celebrating the festive season here in India with a celebratory model.


The A4 Celebration Edition is a detuned and de-pimped version of the standard A4 diesel and it could be yours, if you so desire, for INR 25.99 lakh. The base A4 diesel sells for INR 31.74 lakh.

Naturally, you pay less you get less, and so this celebration edition of A4 has the same engine as the standard engine but with significantly lower specs. It now comes with 138 bhp and torque of around 320 Nm. The celebration edition does not have that front parking sensor and rear-view camera either. Other features that have been dropped out to achieve the reduction in price are:

  • the wheels that have been shortened to 16 inches (17 inch standard)
  • no glass sunroof
  • no wood veneer on the dash
  • no electrically-adjustable rear-view mirrors
  • no powered driver’s seat


Only 500 numbers of this celebration edition is out for sale, so if you want an A4 which costs a lot less, go for it. Mind you, it still has enough goodies and essentials in it to make it a good buy. You still get 8 airbags, Bi-Xenon headlamps, music system with Bluetooth, rear parking sensors, and daytime running lamps.

This addition subtraction of A4 is till Audi launches its A3 sedan which is being tested in India aggressively and is expected to be priced somewhere between 23-30 Lakhs and hence it will be the most affordable Audi in India. You just need to wait for a while before it makes its entry here (More Details). Till than you have this A4 Celebration Edition…

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– by Sufi

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