Dampener: Autocar Says Next-Gen Honda City Will Continue to be FGT!

Before entering into the details of the facets that we are trying to touch with the attempted headline, let us just remark that the upcoming next-Generation Honda City is an enigma. Not more than a few days to go for its global unveil, but we still don’t have an inkling as of what it may look like!!

This is just a speculative rendering

We do have some information about the upcoming Honda City, but there is no concrete evidence in the form of spyshots. Reports have suggested that Honda has put in unprecedented levels of security (DefCon 10 would be appropriate 🙂 ) around the Next-Gen City to ensure not even a single bit of information goes out to the media.

Here’s what we already know about the upcoming City :

-New City will be built on the 2014 Jazz platform
-It is reportedly bigger (in both length and width) than the current City
-New City will come with projector headlamps that is fast becoming a segment standard
-LED ascents in new tail-light assembly
-Really good internal space packaging as has been Honda’s forte in recent cars

The point, however, worth drooling over is the inclusion of a 1.5L diesel motor to the City’s repertoire. It will be the same 1.5L i-DTEC mill from the Honda Amaze, but it is expected in a higher state of tune to justify the higher segment New City will be placed in. As compared to the initial speculation about a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo), AutoCar India now points out that the new Honda City will continue with an FGT (Fixed Geometry Turbo) as in Amaze. This will be done to lower costs, and Honda will turn to ECU tinkering to ensure a better power rating over that of the Amaze. How better? We don’t know!

This is the Current-Gen City

After the oncoming of the Amaze, the Next-Gen City probably has to move upwards in terms of price. Speculations suggest that it will now be a more premium car than the older generations ever were, and it will try to slip into the now-empty shoes of the Honda Civic. And hence, you are entitled to get better NVH protection over the Amaze along side a more refined powerplant and probably shinier interiors. The downside to all this is that it will be accompanied with a higher price tag as suggested by Autocar.

However, we feel New City will NOT be as highly priced and its prices may just be a wee bit higher than Verna variant to variant.

So are you ready to dig deeper into your pockets for the Next-Gen City or you feel there is a lot untold and hidden at this point of time! Whatever be it, Honda has dropped hints that it will come with “Amaze-ing” fuel-efficiency figures.

To get all the mystery unshroud, tune to MotorBash.com on 25th November to catch the action live!

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