Government’s approval of the new breed of ‘quadricycle’ vehicles seems to have pumped up Bajaj and they are busy testing their first entry in this segment in the form of RE60.

We have already shared with you exhaustive details about RE60 including its exclusive interior shots. In a latest, we spot this RE60 mule crossing us on the other lane in Pune.


This appeared to be a new mule with black outlines on the headlamps (like the ones in the pic below) contrary to the plain ones on the earlier spyshots.  Needless to say, it looked better! A quadricycle is defined as a 4 wheeler with a hard top, doors and wipers with a seating capacity of 4 people.

Further, it can run on LPG, CNG and petrol and can have a maximum speed of 70kmph. A quadricycle can be registered only as a commercial vehicle in India and can ply within the city limits only. All quadricycles will have to have a big prominent ‘Q’ written on their body signifying their category and probably a differentiation with small cars! It has better noise and mass emissions including brakes and safety features.


RE60 will be the first entrant in this segment and will be powered by a 200cc DTSi petrol engine which is frugal enough to return 35+kmpl of fuel efficiency and has a kerb weight of only 450kgs. RE60 has a short turning radius of 3.5 meters and measures 2750mm long. RE60 will be an upgrade from your regular three-wheeled Auto Rickshwas that ply on the roads dangerously.

You can see clear spyshots (including interior shots) of Bajaj RE60 here.

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