Cheapest 7-Seater Datsun GO+ MPV Coming Very Soon

Despite all the damage that the recent NCAP report on Datsun’s first car – Go, Nissan is going ahead with their second product for India, the bigger Go+ MPV.

The Go+ MPV is a car based on Go and is an elongated version which can accommodate a seat at the back for 2 more not-so-well-built persons. The company has started initial preparation for its launch which is scheduled very soon. There are chances that Datsun may launch the car towards the end of this month, however, an early next month introduction seems more probable to us.


Nissan promised that Datsun-branded products will revolve around Rs 4 lakhs and at anything around such a starting price tag, Go+ should be a sheer value for money product. We believe Go hatchback could have been priced at about Rs 15,000-20,000 lesser variant to variant and hope Nissan takes this into account and offer the Go+ MPV at some shocking price tags to make a better impact!

Go+ will continue to be powered by the same 1.2L petrol engine which is already fairly responsive and the company will definitely tune it up to offer some more zest for the extra load it will be subjected to, being a 7-seater.


With this, Go+ will go on to become India’s most affordable MPV and will create a new segment of entry level compact MPVs which is expected to be followed by Maruti’s YJC sometime in 2016. We will be driving the car sometime towards the middle of this month, so you can await our exhaustive review as soon as we are allowed.

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  1. Dear sir i what by this car nissan datsun go plus 7 seater what will be the price in tamil nadu()dist ) thirunelveli your adivce pls thanks sir


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