EcoSport Demolishes Duster in Brazil, Month on Month!

Its the true clash of the titans in Brazil. Ever since the launch of new EcoSport, Duster has been loosing out in monthly sales. 

This becomes more interesting after knowing that the new EcoSport is priced higher than Duster in Brazil. And as we reported towards the middle of last month, EcoSport has closed the month at 4496 units whereas Duster is kept limited to a half of this at 2282 units for the complete March 2013.

Ford-EcoSport (13)

EcoSport has been comprehensively beating Duster in Brazil for the last few months. However, Duster improved upon its February 2013’s sales of 836 units. If we turn our attention to India, its a very similar scenario here. Before the advent of the new EcoSport, Duster was enjoying a royal time out there at the sales charts in Brazil as well.

Duster-vs-Ecosport (2)
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In India, Duster registered a massive 6313 units which were its best ever! Ford EcoSport is all set to make way into India in a couple of months and it will be priced cheaper than Duster, unless Ford wants another Fiesta! So far, Duster has been unraveled by the presence of XUV5OO and many other cars in the segment but will it be able to withstand EcoSport’s onslaught? Only time will tell!

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