More than a century ago, Henry Ford got away by saying that one can have his Model T in any colour as long as it is black. Newly appointed Nigel Harris, President of Ford India, will find it difficult to be so witty by saying, “you can have your EcoSport in a blink of an eye as long as you agree to leave it with us for the first 6 months.”

While Ford India struggles to satiate the high demand for its EcoSport, the popular softroader is gathering up awards like an untreated boat bottom collecting mussels and barnacles. At the last count, the EcoSport had some 30 awards to its name, and counting.


Something in the EcoSport has caught the Indian fancy. Unless one is talking about the country’s birth rate, we Indians aren’t generally given credit for our passion for things. The EcoSport seems to be an exception. Thirty awards, all courtesy Indian publications and Indian television channels, and counting!

Behold the inventory, gentlemen:

  • Some 18 or so publications/channels have awarded EcoSport the Car/compact SUV of the Year 2014 Award
  • 6 Reader’/Viewers’ Choice Awards
  • 4 different awards for technology; Engine of the Year, Technology of the Year (1.0-liter EcoBoost)
  • 1 Value for Money Award and 1 Launch of the Year Award

You can’t have that kind of popularity and accolades for any amount of money. It is Model T time at Ford India and the only difference being that there are newer competitors baying at the heels – Nexon, XA-Alpha, Adra and some more.

Ford-EcoSport (4)

The designers and engineers at Ford celebrate, but until the production perks up substantially, the sales guys at Ford dealerships will have every reason to shudder with every footfall at their doors.

And by the way, do check out the creative carefully here, it lists our quote as well as our views. The only thing that is missing is “….and a waiting period of the 1980s Chetak.” 😉




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