Exclusive Scoop: TATA Nano Diesel Caught Testing – Clear Front & Rear Pictures

In a country where we dream of owning a non-sipping car at nominal rates, TATA has taken us closer to this fascination of ours. We have caught an exclusive scoop of TATA NANO diesel which is scheduled to launch sometime next year.


These pictures you see on your screen right now have been sent to us by our avid reader Anoop Kumar who has earlier spied the Indica XL as well for us a few days back.


About the Spy Pics and the test car:

These pictures are taken in the morning hours today at Dehu Road, Pune. Moments before these pics were taken this Nano was filling diesel at a fuel pump tailing a Piaggio Ape at the same pump. The test car did not have any irritating diesel grunt and was relatively silent possibly because of a turbocharger.



About the Car:

  • Nano diesel is expected to be powered by a 2-cylinder 800cc DICOR engine which would be powering the TATA ACE pick-up too. This small diesel Nano is expected to return fuel efficiency figures never achieved before. Speculations predict it somewhere in the region of 40kmpl and we expect it to hover around 30-35 kmpl in actual driving conditions which would make this car dirt cheap to own.
  • The exhaust position is changed.
  • Redesigned and bigger front and rear bumpers to accommodate the bigger engine (from the current petrol variant) and the radiator.
  • Rear glass is smaller
  • We also see something which looks like a telescopic boot-holder which means the diesel could have an open-able boot.
  • Rear light assembly also seems to be a little altered from the current petrol variant.
  • However there doesn’t seem to be any boot lid opener visible.
  • Tyres assembly looks similar to the current Nano.


If there is anything which you could spot do mention in the comments below.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash



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